Active Advisories for Our Customers

20 Jun 2022: Warning about Windows 10 Updates

Several Windows 10 updates have summarily deleted the system's mapping between USB device serial numbers and COM ports, such that after one of these updates you may have to reassign the COM port numbers in your aF-3 code and configuration files. This will also "forget" any advanced port configuration parameters you may have provided so the serial ports to our boards run at megabit speeds. This can happen by itself, or in conjunction with forgetting the COM port assignments in the first place. This is yet another reason why reasonable and prudent people will only take windows updates when ready with the spare time to repair the damage some of them have been observed to do.

27 Jan 2020: SOFTSIM has proven its mettle

in simulation of large applications. It's no longer Beta but is fully supported in new release of arrayForth 3 rev 03c.

7 July 2019: SOFTSIM Beta Test Released.

This initial implementation of SOFTSIM simlulates two G144A12 chips and is included in arrayForth 3 rev 03b5.

21 May 2019: EVB002 Available for Shipment.

The new evaluation kit is finally available to purchase from our Product Offerings page. It's supported by arrayForth 3, released concurrently.

23 Sep 2012: polyFORTH now fully supported in arrayForth 2a.

Multilevel programming is now available for the GA144, from parallel "microcode" in the F18 nodes to a high-level Forth system running on a virtual machine provided by several of those nodes. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version.

23 Sep 2012: Warning about "file virtualization"

We no longer recommend installing arrayForth into the "Program Files" directories on Windows machines because of a number of problems created by the "virtualization" added in 64-bit Windows 7. arrayForth should be installed at some place in your file system that is actually under your control. The installer defaults reflect this, but our installer "remembers" previous choices and so if you have arrayForth currently installed on your system, you will need manually key in a different destination. Please contact Customer Support if you need more information.

23 Dec 2011: arrayForth Release 01g with new colorForth kernel and revised User's Manual.

The new kernel supports continuing improvement in the colorForth human interface. Additional important improvements have been made in the F18 compiler, in softsim, and in other areas. We strongly recommend upgrading to this version.

3 Nov: No advisories in effect.

16 Oct: arrayForth Release 01d with new colorForth kernel and revised User's Manual.

New kernel supports annunciation of active editor status and reorganized memory map that will allow enlarged area for source code management. The new system supports a new class of blue words for improved control over source code display. Source code readability has been improved by doing away with the watermark "behind" the listing. Considerable housekeeping has been done to improve the usefulness of code distributed with the system while minimizing the hassle of coexisting with it. Clarity of documentation has been improved.

4 Oct: arrayForth Release 01c with new colorForth kernel and revised User's Manual.

COM port configuration has been simplified; it is no longer necessary to edit .BAT script files. More powerful disk management and considerable Softsim improvements, including interactive functions like those of the IDE, are included. An ancient editor bug has been fixed. We recommend downloading the new User's Manual, then downloading and installing the new software, without delay. For the convenience of people who have been reading the User's Manual, a marked-up version is posted as well.

29 Sep: New Page "Breadboarding on a Budget" added.

There is a new section in G144A12 Application Notes, "Lower Cost Experimentation", which links to a new page Breadboarding on a Budget. This page explains the new availability of a SchmartBoard for hand soldering the G144A12 and includes a new Application Note on the subject.

18 Sep: arrayForth Release 01b includes new installation procedures.

Some of the procedural information in the original Getting Started pamphlet of 3 September is now obsolete. We recommend downloading the new User's Guide and Getting Started pamphlets, then downloading and installing the new software, without delay. In addition, the User's Manual has important new material.

15 Sep: No advisories in effect.

13 Sep: Photos in arrayForth User's Manual "Practical Example" are out of sequence.

The first four photographs in Section 9 "Practical Example" of the arrayForth User's Manual are out of sequence. The first should be third, the second should be fourth, the third should be second, and the fourth should be first.