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GA144-1.20 Chips

The GA144-1.20 chip, with 144 self-contained computers and software-defined I/O, is available in a 1cm x 1cm, 88-pin QFN package. Export is controlled per US EAR ECCN 3A991A.3. Protected by patents.

G144A12 Chip

G144A12 Chip

GA144 Documentation

The GA144 Chip (preliminary data)
F18A Technology from which the GA144 is built
GreenArrays Architecture common to all of our chips
Video Demonstration for opening our antistatic boxes
Application Notes both formal and informal

Evaluation Chip Orders

Place orders for the GA144-1.20 chips by making payments here (see our Sales Policies). Chips are sold in 10-packs (packages of ten chips.) The minimum order is one 10-pack (ten chips); the maximum per customer is ten 10-packs (100 chips).

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NEW! Improved GA144-1.20 Evaluation Kits EVB002

With two GA144 chips, this board provides you with versatile prototyping capability. It supports several power options and has three USB interfaces behaving as asynchronous serial communications ports at speeds up to 960 Kbits/second each. Chip 0 has external SRAM and SPI flash; the new 16 MB flash is pre-programmed with polyFORTH and, when selected with jumpers, polyFORTH comes up ready to communicate with a serial ASCII terminal emulator on USB port B. USB port A may be used to program chip 0 using our arrayForth 3 IDE. Chip 1 has minimal I/O connections: SERDES and optional 2-wire synchronous to chip 0; optional USB port C for separate IDE use; and configurable reset pin. A reset/watchdog chip has been added for optional convenience, and the line interface circuitry for the Software Defined 10baseT Ethenet NIC has been added to the basic board. Export classification is the same as for the chips. Protected by patents.


EVB002 Board

GA144 Eval Board Information

EVB002 Reference Manual Last updated 5/20/2019.
The GA144 Chip itself (preliminary data)

Evaluation Board Orders

Place orders for the EVB002 board by making payments here (see our Sales Policies). If you are an educator wishing to equip your students with this board, please contact for special discount pricing.


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End of Life Availability Policy

Most users of electronic parts have been "burned" badly at least once when the manufacturer of a critical part arbitrarily withdrew it. Our company's policy is that any product we take to production and offer for sale will continue to be available to our customers as long as it is technically and financially feasible, especially when that product has been superseded by a new one. It is the nature of the semiconductor business that the cost of doing so will increase over time; for example, in order to make more of an old chip, it may be necessary to build a large number of them, and periodically to make new masks. In such cases our customers will be part of the decision making process; while we may not be able to justify the necessary commitment of our own resources in such a case, we will not arbitrarily withdraw an old chip from our offerings unless our customers for the old chip are themselves unable to commit the necessary resources.

Sales Policies

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Our products are available for direct sale from GreenArrays offices FOB Cheyenne, Wyoming, US. Contact us by e-mail, paper mail, or telephone for inquiries regarding price and availability, particularly for large quantities. Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions for additional information.

Depending on where you take delivery of our products, we may collect taxes and fees as part of the transaction. If we do not, you are entirely responsible for paying any charges levied against your purchase by governments. Please refer to our Policy on Taxes and Fees for the exact way in which we implement this.

For your convenience in evaluating our products, small quantities may be ordered directly and securely from this web page using PayPal (where you may use PayPal accounts or many credit/debit cards.) Please ensure that you provide a valid e-mail address with your order so that we may contact you in case of problems or to request additional information, such as phone numbers, that we may be required to use on international shipments.

Alternatives to PayPal

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If you do not wish to use PayPal, please send purchase order or request to identifying the products and quantities desired, name and company, shipping address, and if outside the US a contact phone number and any relevant tax identification such as VAT numbers to facilitate customs processing. An invoice will be returned by e-mail. Payment is accepted by check, money order, or direct bank transfer.

If you wish to pay in Bitcoin, please say so clearly in your e-mail; in this case the invoice sent you will include a payment link from Coinbase set to remit our standard dollar amount equivalents at current market prices.

Our default shipping method is US Postal Service Priority Mail to simplify ordering and minimize your costs. Within the US we use small boxes when practical; outside the US we must use medium boxes so that tracking is possible. There may be substantial time delays in delivery to certain countries: For example, South Africa, Russia and most European countries have taken just less than one month, while Germany is more than one month and counting. If you wish us to use Federal Express, order your products using the default shipping but request Federal Express either in special instructions as part of your order, or by immediate e-mail. In this case we will invoice you via PayPal for the additional cost before shipment is made.


Chips are offered in minimum orders of ten, with price breaks for larger quantities. This web site accepts orders for up to 100 chips per customer. For larger quantities, please contact us directly.


Evaluation boards are offered in minimum orders of one, with price breaks for larger quantities. This web site accepts orders for up to 10 boards per customer. For larger quantities, please contact us directly.