What's New at GreenArrays

arrayForth 3d Released, documentation updated 13 Nov 2022:
This is the fourth release of the integrated development system for our chips, with accumulaterd improvements and documentation updates that reflect 3d and incorporate users' suggestions.
arrayForth 3 Released 21 May 2019:
The new development platform for the GA144 is arrayForth 3, which is released today for general use. This package supports cross-development from saneFORTH/x86 running on a PC or win32 equivalent using high speed serial communication, and/or within-platform development using polyFORTH/GA144 running on the Host chip of an evaluation board (or equivalent) with much higher speed capability for communicating with microcode running in F18A nodes on Host and/or Target chips.
New Evaluation Board EVB002 Available for Purchase 20 May 2019:
The new evaluation board is manufactured and may be purchased here. New documentation is also posted: DB014, EVB002 Eval Board Reference, and AN021 Getting Started with Eval Board EVB002. The first fully supported release of arrayForth 3 will be posted in the next few days, as soon as the preliminary version of SOFTSIM is ready.
New Projects Launched for 2019 26 Dec 2018:
An improved evaluation board, EVB002, is being manufactured and should become available during the first quarter of 2019. In addition, design of a new chip, the G144A2x, is underway, with many improvements. More information about this will be released during the year.
Greenarrays re-domiciled in Wyoming 15 Dec 2016:
GreenArrays, Inc. was domesticated as a Wyoming C Corporation on 15 Dec 2016 and dissolved in Nevada effective 19 Dec 2016. Nothing else changes except our State of incorporation. The old address in Incline Village, Nevada, should not be used for any purpose henceforward. For updated contact information, see the Contact Information page on our website.
New GreenArrays Headquarters 1 August 2016:
We have finished moving our offices and lab into more permanent quarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our new home provides considerably more space for those activities as well as more and better accommodations for visiting colleagues. For updated contact information, see the Contact Information page on our website.
Business News Blog has been discontinued 10 May 2015:
The Business News Blog, /blog1, has been discontinued because it has proven to be a redundant copy of this page. Business news will be posted only on this page hereafter.
Litigation with Technology Properties Limited, et al, Settled 30 January 2013:
Chuck Moore's lawsuit against Technology Properties Limited LLC (TPL) and several individuals has been settled to the mutual advantage of all concerned. Chuck and GreenArrays each have clear licenses to implement and sell products and systems protected by patents that were involved in the past litigation, along with uncontested ownership of the other fruits from decades of labor by our founders and staff members. Please see the press release of 29 January for more information.
arrayForth® Institute has opened 11 March 2012:
GreenArrays is pleased to announce the opening of the arrayForth Institute, a free online learning resource intended to faciliate the successful use of our chips. Access via https is supported for those who prefer encrypted communications and don't mind the possible inconveniences. The curriculum is organized in courses, each of which is subdivided into one or more Learning Paths. The first such path is in place and ready for use. Anyone interested in our products may create an account and take our courses. Feedback will be appreciated! At the same time we are improving the organization of the GreenArrays Website during March to make it easier to keep abreast of our literature.
New GreenArraysTech Blog 14 October 2011:
When the GreenArraysNews Blog and RSS Feed were created, we promised that the posting frequency would be unobtrusive. Recently, the rate at which we have been updating technical documentation and software has increased significantly and so it has become necessary to monitor the Customer Support Central webpage closely in order to obtain these updates in a timely fashion. This has not been working well and so a second blog, with its own RSS feed, has been created. The original GreenArraysNews blog will continue to announce only major events, while the new GreenArraysTech blog will post technical advisories as frequently as necessary so that people using our chips won't miss important information.
SchmartBoard, Inc. Offers Single GA144 Chips For Sale 4 October 2011:
We are very pleased to announce that SchmartBoard, Inc. is now offering our customers a bundled deal for one GA144 chip along with a SchmartBoard|ez to which it may be soldered; see Part Number 202-0048-02. In addition, SchmartBoard is holding a contest in which it will be giving away one of these bundles each week in October and November. For further information on using this method of employing our chips, including a way to assemble a working system for roughly $60 in parts, please see Breadboarding on a Budget which may be reached from our Application Notes page.
GreenArrays Announces a New Alliance with SchmartBoard, Inc. 29 September 2011:
GreenArrays announced today that it has become an OEM Partner of SchmartBoard, Inc. As a result, a SchmartBoard|ez™ prototyping circuit board is now available for the GreenArrays GA144 multicomputer chip. With this board, it is now feasible to hand solder our chips for inexpensive breadboarding. Read about it in Breadboarding on a Budget which may be reached from our Application Notes page.
GA144 Now in Full Production 14 September 2011:
Our team is pleased to announce that the effort begun in October, 2010 has been successfully completed. The GA144 chips work very well, as do our Evaluation Kits, and are available for purchase in quantity. Order evaluation quantities directly from our website 24x7 for prompt shipment from stock. In addition, a new Customer Support Central webpage has been created for up-to-the-minute dissemination of software, documentation, tips, FAQs, application notes, and direct personal assistance to our customers. A new software release and several new manuals await you there.
AP003 published 10 August 2011:
Application Note AP-003: SRAM Control Cluster, Mark 1 has been published as the first in a series of documents relevant to Virtual Machine implementations using GreenArrays chips. These may be found in the Application Notes page.
Evaluation Boards Nearing Production 26 July 2011:
We are about to begin producing the EVB001 Evaluation Board with two GA144 chips. Preliminary documentation has been updated and will be followed by more information about available software.
Website as of 12 July 2011:
A new page of Application Notes has been added. This page will receive frequent postings of useful information for our customers. In the interest of putting this information into your hands as soon as possible, informal documents may be included among the more formal. Two new postings are the design data for a simple printed circuit board that has been used in house, and a spreadsheet containing the raw data behind the numbers in our Data Book.
Production Status updated on 8 July 2011:
Shipments of the GA144 chip have begun. We are accepting orders for evaluation chips, shipped now from stock, and for evaluation boards to be shipped starting in August 2011.
GA144 Chip Data Book updated on 5 July 2011:
The G144A12 Chip Reference Data Book has been updated on the documentation page on our website. A new section, Typical Instruction Timing, presents a simplified model for estimating baseline software performance before temperature and voltage effects are applied.
GA144 Chip Data Book updated on 9 May 2011:
The G144A12 Chip Reference Data Book has been updated on the documentation page on our website. The new material depicts the variables affecting performance and efficiency, showing numerical effects of supply voltage and temperature upon performance, leakage, and energy efficiency of our chips. Included is a description of an unique capability of GreenArrays chips, whereby a useful measure of junction/die temperature may be made during normal application operation.
Website as of 12 April 2011:
The 2-page briefs and full Technology Reference for the F18A have been updated to reflect the addition of Schmitt triggers to GPIO and reset input pins in the G144A12. These documents are posted on the documentation page on our website and this information has advanced from Preliminary to Production status.
GA144 Chip Data Book posted on 11 April 2011:
The first release of the G144A12 Chip Reference Data Book has been posted in the documentation page on our website. This very preliminary version incorporates the initial room temperature data and other previously unreleased information. Several significant sections are incomplete, in the interest of getting what useful information we have into your hands immediately. An updated reference poster is also available there.
GA144 PRODUCTION STATUS as of 9 April 2011:
All 16 wafers of our qualification run have arrived and a sampling of chips from each of 8 process corner wafers and two of the normal wafers was selected, comprising a population of 50 chips. These have been used to measure the data for DC characterization at room temperature. Those data will be published shortly in a preliminary Data Book for the chip. Meanwhile, we are starting measurements of computer performance, power, and A/D behavior as a function of temperature and supply voltage. When this has been finished, the Data Book will be updated to include the temperature / voltage data and will at that time be complete. Fabrication of the chip test fixtures is in progress. At this point we hope to test all of the chips in May, during which time evaluation boards will be fabricated, and to ship product in June.

Meanwhile, a considerably revised and improved version of arrayForth has been posted for the production GA144 including great improvements in softsim, the simulator for a full chip. Look for a series of documentation releases and updates over the next two weeks.
GA144 PRODUCTION STATUS as of 27 Feb 2011:
The first wafer of our production qualification run has arrived and preliminary testing is underway. Thus far there have been no problems found and the yield is looking auspicious. The remaining wafers are expected in early March when exhaustive testing and characterization will begin. We are on schedule to ship product in Q2 of this year as expected. Preliminary data sheet is on its way.
GA144 PRODUCTION RELEASE of 19 Oct 2010:
Our Team is extremely pleased to announce that we are releasing the GA144 chip to production; we expect to be able to ship product in the second quarter of 2011. For those who wish to evaluate our chips as soon as possible, the website is now taking advance orders for chips and evaluation boards from our first run. Please contact the company directly if you have any questions after checking that URL. This announcement is in advance of our formal Press Release and is intended to give priority to people who have been paying attention to our website. Thanks to all for your support!
Website as of 27 Sept 2010:
Thanks to the assistance of Marlin Ouverson, consulting designer-developer at External Design, our website is undergoing an incremental upgrade in appearance and usability.
Website as of 13 June 2010:
We have reorganized the about page and have added a comprehensive Brief introducing our company to potential business partners. Please be advised that comments have been disabled on our blog due to spam volume; please direct inquiries or comments to appropriate email roles shown on the contact page.
Website as of 7 June 2010:
We have reorganized the documents page and have added seven important new data sheets in brief form. There's more coming; watch the blog for announcements!
Website as of 22 Apr 2010:
As a result of the successful hacking of Network Solutions' web servers, malevolent scripts were added to the home pages for GreenArrayChips.com and for our blog in the evening of Tuesday 22 April 2010. These have been removed. Our regrets for anyone inconvenienced by this foolishness. We will move our website onto a secure, native FORTH platform when conditions permit us to do so. In the meanwhile, this website and our announcement blog should once again be clean.
Website as of 6 Feb 2010:
We are evaluating a tool that enables us to publish a blog for announcements by GreenArrays. This blog also provides a subscribable RSS feed so that people interested in our progress may keep track of it with minimal effort. For the present we will post incremental technical updates there and confine this News section to business matters and press releases. If it works out well, the blog will be fully integrated.
Website as of 27 Jan 2010:
Significant new material has been added to the about section, giving the reader increased insight into our vision for the company, the method of its implementation, and the composition of the team whose members have formed this company.
Website as of 20 Jan 2010:
For the first time, arrayForth™ has been publicly released!
Take a Software Support link from the Products page to read the conditions under which arrayForth is being released, and to download the software.
PRESS RELEASE of 19 Jan 2010:
GreenArrays, Inc. Explains its connection with Technology Properties Limited (TPL).
PRESS RELEASE of 19 Jan 2010:
GreenArrays, Inc. Announces Management Realignment for 2010’s Capitalization and Growth.
Testing as of 19 Jan 2010:
Testing of the GA4-1.2 and GA144-1.10 continues. So far neither chip has displayed any problems. A suspected bonding problem, in a 12 pin GA4, is the only anomaly found so far.
Website as of 5 Jan 2010:
Products page now links to the new arrayForth Releases page, which in turn links to preliminary documentation in work, introducing arrayForth. Soon the arrayForth downloads will also be posted.
Testing status as of 3 Jan 2010:
Happy new year! Not a great deal has been accomplished since 14 December due to holidays and illness; however, one GA4 has run correctly and continuously for the past 24 days, and one of our crew has loaded and run code on the GA144. So far both look good, and we look forward to more activity this coming week.
Website as of 11 Dec 2009:
This "news" section has been added to help you keep informed of status changes and of new material posted to the website.
GA4 V1.2 as of 11 Dec 2009:
147 chips in 3x3DFN12 and 144 in 2x2DFN8 packages have arrived, and we have internally fabricated 24 minimal test boards using the 12 pin package. Preliminary testing of this second shuttle run incorporating our newest technology, begun 10 December, looks very good! Further testing and characterization are underway; look for a spec sheet update in the near future.
GA144 V1.0 as of 11 Dec 2009:
47 chips in 10x10QFN88 packages have arrived. Testing of this awesome chip will begin within two weeks!