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Laboratory Microsystems, Inc.

Ray Duncan, M.D. has offered the following archival files: for Motorola 68HC11 Posted 7/12/2012.

From: Duncan, Ray, M.D.
Sent: Thu 05 Jul 2012 19:24
To: 'Greg Bailey'
Subject: RE: An LMI question

MC-6811.ZIP attached. I found this on the archive of the old BBS. ROM6811 is the kernel. ASM6811 is the (optional) cross-compilable assembler for interactive use on the target. MC.COM and MC.SYM are the cross-compiler. Unpack everything in the ZIP into a single directory and then run it like:

C>MC ROM6811 [enter]

This is REALLY old. If they wanted to change the cross-compiler itself and recompile it, that would be more of a challenge as they would need the generic MS-DOS version of PC/FORTH to rebuild it.

I did verify that it runs in a WinXP DOS command window and appears to generate a correct image (compared to my reference image from many years ago). I didn't try it on Win7 but I assume it would work.

[Editorial Note: To run a DOS COM program (16-bit 8086 emulation "real mode") on 64-bit win7 it's reportedly necessary to use a simulator such as DOSBox or to run a virtual instance of Windows XP.]