Index of Downloads

This page is a comprehensive set of links to the current versions of all documents, software, and other files available for download from our website. If you aren't certain what you are looking for, more contextual information is available in other places such as Intro to Documentation and Software, Customer Support Central, Featured App Notes and the arrayForth® Institute. Notice of additions or updates to items in this list is posted in Customer Support Central as well as our news.

Product Briefs

Condensed subject matter in a two-sided, single-sheet format.

PB001 GA144-1.0 Chip (F18A Prototype) Last updated 5/03/2010.
PB002 GreenArrays Architecture Last updated 8/22/2010.
PB003 F18A Computers Last updated 4/12/2011.
PB004 F18A I/O and Peripherals Last updated 4/12/2011.
PB005 F18B Computers Last updated 5/01/2010.
PB006 F18B I/O and Peripherals Last updated 5/01/2010.
PB007 GA4 Chip (F18B Prototype) Last updated 5/07/2010.
PB008 Company Introduction Last updated 6/07/2010.

Data Books

Complete Reference Manuals and Guides.

DB001 F18A Technology Reference Last updated 11/13/2022.
DB002 G144A12 Chip Reference Last updated 7/05/2011.
DB003 Evaluation Board Reference Manual Last updated 9/26/2011.
DB004 arrayForth User's Manual Last updated 10/30/2013.
DB005 polyFORTH® Reference Manual Last updated 8/25/2012.
DB006 polyFORTH Supplement for G144A12 Last updated 11/12/2022.
DB007 G144A12 Automated Testing System ... Not Yet Released
DB008 ATHENA TCP/IP Package ... Not Yet Released
DB013 arrayForth 3 User's Manual Last updated 11/12/2022.
DB014 EVB002 Evaluation Board Reference Last updated 5/20/2019.

Software Downloads

Development Tools and Libraries for our chips.

Please refer to the software releases section of our Customer Support Central page for current and selected past releases, including the final release of tools based on colorForth.

Application Briefs

Single-sheet documentation of modules and procedures we have found useful.

AB001 Using SparkFun® FT232 Breakout Board ... Not Yet Released
AB002 10baseT Ethernet Receiver Module Last updated 1/08/2012.
AB003 Measuring Currents on the EVB001 Board Last updated 10/18/2012.
AB004 Port Execution Last updated 10/21/2014.
AB005 Delay Lines (or buffers) Last updated 6/23/2022.
AB006 Transparent Port Bridge Last updated 11/08/2017.
AB007 Updating EVB002 Flash Last updated 11/12/2022.

Application Notes

Traditional documentation of problem solutions.

AN001 An Implementation of the MD5 Hash Last updated 10/23/2014
AN002 Simple Oscillators including High Frequency Crystals Last updated 11/06/2017
AN003 SRAM Control Cluster, Mark 1 Last updated 8/10/2011
AN004 Getting Started with Eval Board EVB001 Last updated 10/08/2011
AN005 Using SchmartBoard™ with G144A12 Chips Last updated 9/26/2011
-------- See Also Breadboarding on a Budget
AN006 Pipelined SHA-256 ... Not Yet Released
AN007 Software-Defined NIC 10baseT full duplex, Mark 1 Last updated 11/12/2014
AN008 Exploring a 3-Axis Accelerometer Last updated 5/10/2012
AN009 Attaching a PS/2 Keyboard Last updated 9/12/2012
AN010 The Snorkel Mark 1: A Programmable DMA Channel (Last updated 6/04/2013)
AN011 Ganglia Mark 1: A Dynamic Message Routing Surface (Last updated 6/08/2013)
AN012 Controlling the TI® SensorTag with the GA144 (Last updated 6/06/2013)
AN016 Incremental PID Controller for a Brushed DC Motor (Last updated 11/11/2014)
AN017 Ganglia Mark 2: A Dynamic Message Routing Surface (Last updated 1/05/2017)
AN018 Controlling the ADV7611 HDMI Receiver (Last updated 11/05/2017)
AN020 Distributing 1080p Video in Large Scale LED Signs (Last updated 11/06/2017)
AN021 Getting Started with Eval Board EVB002 Last updated 8/19/2022

Third Party Documentation

Covering software we distribute that belongs to others.

SFW32PR Programmer's Reference, saneFORTH for Win32 x86 platforms Last updated 8/05/2021.

White Papers

Factual reports.

WP001 GreenArrays ADC Noise Immunity Last updated 8/05/2009.
WP002 GreenArrays Energy Conservation Last updated 4/05/2010.
WP003 Comparison of GreenArrays Chips with Texas Instruments® MSP430 Last updated 6/17/2010.

Supplemental Data

Useful information that's packaged less formally.

Reading Matter

Energy Tutorial Last updated 2/09/2010.
Boot Protocols supported by ROM in GreenArrays Chips Last updated 6/22/2010.
GreenArrays IDE Internal documentation Last updated 4/05/2010.
Getting Started with eForth by Bill Muench and John Rible Last updated 9/05/2011.

Visual Aids

Quick Reference Poster for the G144A12 Last updated 2/11/2011.
Data Flow Planning Chart for the G144A12 Last updated 2/20/2011.

Hardware Designs

Simple Test Board for G144A12 chip with SPI boot flash and external SRAM Last updated 7/11/2011.
PCBCOM Commissioning GreenArrays PCBs as done at factory Last updated 6/23/2022. Datasheets for EVB002 components Last updated 5/27/2019.

Raw Data

Raw Characterization Data for G144A12 Qualification Wafer Run Last updated 5/07/2011.

Public Service Postings

Useful material for the Forth community.

Software and Documentation

Forth Archive Files otherwise difficult to locate See page for updates.