GreenArrays, Inc

GreenArrays, Inc., a Wyoming C corporation, was founded on 13 February 2009 by Charles H. Moore and long-time colleagues to further the development of multi-computer chips. Our mission statement reads:

"To use our unique, proven design tools and a simple, green architecture to develop and market fine granularity, low-power solutions for problems difficult to solve using conventional technology"

About Our Company


Company Introduction

This brief document introduces our company to potential business partners. It outlines the history, goals, services, capabilities, structure, and commitments of GreenArrays.

Our Company Team

The strength of GreenArrays is derived from its people. The company has been formed and its development activities have been carried out during 2009 and the first half of 2010 by a core team of 18 dedicated people, aided by several Advisors and Consultants. In addition, the company can draw upon the resources of a large, worldwide body of affiliated companies, programmers and engineers as application needs increase.


Since our inception, we have made six consecutive successful prototyping runs to economically calibrate a new fab, and to validate our technology across a wide range of chip sizes, configurations, and packages. These prototype chips include the following:

Plans and Activity

GreenArrays is executing its plans for capitalization, production, and growth. For more information about the company, please contact our Business Development group. For more information about our development plans, see our Future Roadmap.