The People of GreenArrays, Inc.

The people who comprise our team are a multi- and cross-disciplinary group. For example, at least five have experience in silicon design; at least seven have experience in general circuit design; at least 10 are experienced in designing software for our parallel computers, and at least five have a track record of successful embedded and other application software design and implementation in numerous diverse projects. Many of our people have worked with Chuck Moore for decades, and most of us have learned to apply Chuck Moore's approach and methods to programming and to hardware and silicon design, and to make our own contributions back to that approach and those methods.

In addition, our consultants have similarly impressive skills including all of the above as well as extensive experience in other areas including instrumentation and advanced control algorithms.

Our team is versatile, and has a record of successfully and effectively forming project teams outside the geometry of our organization chart whenever appropriate.

Beginning with our Founder and continuing in alphabetical order, the people who are part of our organization, including consultants who wish to be so identified, are as follow:

Chuck Moore, Chairman, CTO

Charles H. (Chuck) Moore

Chuck Moore co-founded FORTH, Inc., in 1973. He developed a Forth-based chip (RTX2000) in the mid 1980s, derivatives of which are still being used widely by NASA. At Computer Cowboys, Mr. Moore designed the Sh-Boom microprocessor and then co-founded iTv, an internet appliance manufacturer. During the 1990s, he used his own CAD software to design several custom VLSI chips, including the F21 processor with a network interface. More recently, he invented colorForth and ported his VLSI design tools to it. Moore served as CTO for IntellaSys during development of the S40 multi-computer chip.

Marjorie (Maggie) Acuff, Secretary

Marjorie has owned, co-owned, and managed several businesses. She has worked with computers since 1972 and started building PCs in the early 1990s as a hobby. She has taught QuickBooks to small business owners and was the Corporate Secretary for The Oregon Innovation Center for several years.

Greg Bailey, President, acting VP Engineering

Greg Bailey

Greg began a 54 year career as a systems and applications programmer with North American Aviation in 1965. For most of that time he worked through ATHENA Programming, Inc., a small business, managing and executing many projects in various disciplines for a wide variety of customers, and maintaining a proprietary FORTH operating system for OEM customers. He joined Chuck at IntellaSys in 2007, and served there as Vice President of Engineering for the last six months of the SEAforth effort. At GreenArrays, he then served as corporate Secretary and VP Engineering during 2009. Greg was an early adopter of Chuck's first chip, the NC4000, and served as the ANS Forth Technical Subcommittee chair for seven years.

Rob Chapman, Engineer, Programmer

Rob Chapman

Rob Chapman lives in Edmonton, Canada with his wife and three grown children. He keeps active with biking, canoeing, camping, cross country skiing and Aikido. He received his BSc in EE in 1985 and M. Eng in 1999. As a hobby, he enjoys multimedia editing, building natural artificial life forms and science fiction.

Yu-Ping (YP) Cheng, Board of Advisors

Yu-Ping Cheng

Y.P. Cheng began his high-tech career with IBM over 30 years ago as a firmware specialist in mainframe disk drive and controller devices. Since then he has logged extensive experience working with computer storage and networking technologies, and holds a number of patents in both areas. At Adaptec, he worked on various SCSI disk drive controllers and at Auspex he focused on the software development for of NFS file servers. Cheng founded AdvanSys, a SCSI controller chip company, and was both VP of Engineering and CTO. He was also Chief Scientist at both Maranti Networks and Matisse Networks where he defined the initial products for both companies. YP served as VP of Engineering, and later as VP of Strategic Solutions, at IntellaSys until the SEAForth team was disbanded; thereafter he helped form GreenArrays and served as a Director and as VP Strategic Solutions throughout 2009.

Chau-Wen (Steven) Hsu, Test Programmer

Chau-Wen (Steven) Hsu

Steven Hsu began his second career as an engineer 6 years ago when he got his B.S. degree in Computer Science. He was an orthopedic surgeon and a professor in medical school in Taiwan. As a test engineer he designed and implemented hardware verification test suites in Forth for the company's multi-core processors at every stage of its development.

John Rible, Consultant Architect, Engineer, Programmer, Teacher

John Rible

John brings his considerable talents to us as a consultant so that he may continue to multiplex his life among varied demanding interests, including the design and implementation of new computer architectures in FPGA form, teaching young children forgotten skills such as moving about in wild country and throwing rocks accurately, and serving his community as Santa Claus, among others.

Lily Ronningen, Production Administrator

Lily "telecommutes" from Singapore, where she is assisting her family in running its excellent restaurant business.

Dean Sanderson, Director, Treasurer, Director of Software

Dean Sanderson

Dean has 42 years experience in software design, development and architecture. His accomplishments range from compiler, O/S and driver development and support in both Forth and more conventional languages (Fortran, Assemblers), to complete applications and foundation architectures in the areas of embedded and real-time control and collection. He has experience in such diverse fields as motor/robotic control, automotive testing, baggage sorting, food processing and handling, point of sale systems, postal management information, and large scale networked systems structure and application. Dean was a member of the ANS Forth committee and was a principal architect of the microFORTH, polyFORTH and Express products from FORTH, Inc.

Dave Sciarrino, Director, VP Business Operations

Dave served as Chief Financial Officer during 2009.

Mark Smeder, Director of Testing

Mark worked with Chuck in silicon, board level, and software design at iTvc beginning in 1996, where he then brought the resulting CPU up, tested it, found problems, and worked around them. Starting in 2004, Mark served as silicon designer at IntellaSys, making improvements to computer cores, designing calibration circuits, and directing the bring-up and testing of new chips. Mark serves in these same areas at GreenArrays. In addition to his technical skills, Mark is an Electrician (Inside Wireman) with the IBEW, is an avid skier and snowboarder, and is involved with various forms of massage and dance.

Dave Yetter, Verification Engineer

Dave Yetter

Dave received the Bachelor of Science degree in Design Engineering June 1984 from Brigham Young University, Provo Utah. He worked as a programmer/analyst for Motorola for the first 10 years of his career, with specific focus on integrating industry standard IC design tools into a reliable and repeatable CAD flow. More recently he has become expert at industry standard IC place, route, editing and physical verification tools. He has had recent experience using .18um and .13um technologies and, as an independent contractor, has worked on several first-time, successful designs that have gone into production. He has also served as a consultant on debugging DRC and LVS issues in mixed signal designs that could be not solved by on-site personnel.

Alumni of GreenArrays

We are indebted to several of our Founders whose initial efforts on behalf of GreenArrays have been curtailed by the requirements of life, or by its ending.

Jeff Fox, Architect, Engineer, Programmer, Teacher

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox lived and died in Berkeley, California and had worked on parallel Forth for Forth chips since 1986. He assisted in P21 and F21 development and was Director of Programming at the iTv Corporation. He taught college classes on microprocessor programming and developed parallel Forth hardware and software at IntellaSys. He was a private and glider pilot and vintage sports car enthusiast. He was retired from teaching martial arts. A brilliant and beloved friend, Jeff will always be missed.

Bill Muench, Consultant Programmer, Web Designer, Technician

Bill Muench

Bill lived and died in Santa Cruz, California where he bicycled and hiked. He started working with computers in 1979 and Forth in 1987, is the author of eForth and has built development systems for many CPUs. He worked in the tropics interfacing computers with tracking equipment to study marine mammals. Since 1985 maintained Macintosh computers for graphic designers and non-profit organizations. He has also worked as a web and database designer and helped produce music cd artwork. For six years, he was in a band playing Shona marimba music of Zimbabwe. With little or no warning, we lost Bill consequent to surgical complications on 4 September 2019. Requiescat in Pace, Bill. You'll be fondly remembered.

Glenn Sanderson, Analog and RF Engineer

Glenn Sanderson

Born in Torrance, California, Glenn worked as a technician for aircraft companies and as design engineer for a start-up custom audio company he helped found, moving at the end of the 1960s to Santa Barbara and serving as electronic and RF engineer for several companies over a period of nearly 40 years with many accomplishments. Glenn joined us in Incline Village, NV in 2008, working with us until 2012 when he began a new career, pursuing his lifelong love of photography on a professional basis. Glenn nevertheless continued to share his expertise with us when needed over the next four years. Glenn's life ended in March 2020 after spending his last year in Santa Barbara with his children and his dog. He is fondly remembered by Dean, his brother; by Greg, his friend of 60 years; and by our entire company.

Chester A. (Chet) Brown, Esteemed Leader

Chester A. (Chet) Brown

Chet Brown, who passed away 21 April 2020 after years of grueling combat with cancer and who we will always miss, was a 30+ year veteran of the semiconductor, computer storage, communications, storage networking and video industries. Since his start in business, he has held positions at all levels in sales, marketing, operations and general management and has founded two companies. His highly successful career at Western Digital included stints in strategic marketing, international operations, the formation of two new business units and subsidiary president and CEO. At SyQuest Technology, Inc., a company dedicated to removable media hard disk drives, Mr. Brown was executive vice president and developed worldwide strategic alliances, channels and sales. He earlier served as president and CEO of several semiconductor companies including Cubic Memory, Inc. (now Vertical Circuits, Inc.), InfoChip Systems, Inc., and Prisma Devices, Inc., which he also founded. At Qlogic Corporation, he was a member of the founding team and served as vice president of marketing and manufacturing, as well as acting COO. Mr. Brown served as President & CEO of ConnectCom Solutions, a storage-based chip and systems start up. Mr. Brown's recent educational activities include the successful completion of Stanford University's program on Managing Innovation and the Executive MBA program. Mr. Brown was a founder of PetaLynx Corporation, a storage networking chip start up based on partially connected three dimensional passive mesh switching technology, which due to the economic environment, failed to receive funding past the seed round. Mr. Brown advises hi-tech start ups and was President and CEO of IntellaSys, a multi-cpu start up. Mr. Brown served as CEO of GreenArrays during 2009, and as a Director and a member of our Board of Advisors until his retirement in 2013. In August, 2016, Chet graciously exited his retirement and rejoined our Board of Directors.

Debbie Davis, Executive Administrator

Debbie Davis

Debbie has moved along to other employment after assisting prodigiously with our inital formation.

Doug Dillon, Engineer, Programmer, Teacher

Doug, who is also a Pharamacist, has moved on to a new occupation in Radiology.

Mario Nigrovic, Senior Chip Designer

Mario has served our company very well, making great contributions to the GA4 and GA144 layout efforts as well as two other prototyping runs before he moved along to other employment.

Jack Ou, Director of Product Engineering

Jack has taken other employment after helping us develop excellent relationships with fabrication and assembly vendors.

Charley Shattuck, Programmer, Teacher

Charley Shattuck

Charley taught himself to program in Forth in the early eighties, just to satisfy his curiosity about computers. Eventually, he took classes in more conventional languages, but Forth was and remains his entry point into computing. It made sense to him and through Forth, computers made sense. He has worked as a professional Forth programmer since 1989, implementing a variety of target assemblers and compilers for microcontrollers. More recently he has begun pursuing an interest in developing niche products himself. Charley remains a good friend but has retired from his previous customer support role.

Norman (Skip) Inskeep, Engineer, Lab and Test Technician

Skip was responsible for all PCB layout and production for GreenArrays. He has moved on to more challenging duties elsewhere.

Esteemed Colleagues

This section recognizes people who have generously contributed their time and energy in working with us to advance our cause.

Daniel Kalný

Daniel Kalny

Daniel first encountered the Forth language in 1984 and although his educational background is in chemistry, he has remained intrigued by the language ever since. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry in 2001 from Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg, France. Since then he has worked for several chemical and pharmaceutical companies and is still active in this field.

In his spare time he is interested in Forth compilers, electronics, particularly embedded systems, mobile robotics, and recently also smart sensors. He occasionally works as a free-lance programmer of embedded control systems using his own versions of Forth.

Since he started cooperating with GreenArrays he has devoted most of his extra time to learning programming in arrayForth and exploring possibilities offered by the GA144 chip. His efforts resulted recently in an app note (AN016) on a PID controller.

Daniel lives in the Czech Republic with his wife, kids, cats and a dog. He likes cooking French food, listen to the classical music and jazz, travel, and enjoy his life. More about Daniel's professional interests can be found at LinkedIn.

Stefan Mauerhofer

Stefan Mauerhofer

Stefan Mauerhofer lives in Grenchen, Switzerland where the famous Swatch is manufactured. He studied computer science at ETH in Zürich where one of his professors was Niklaus Wirth. He is working in a back-office company owned by several Swiss banks. The clearing software he is developing is based on C++ and Unix. At the age of 16 he stumbled over Forth, reading "Starting Forth" and implemented his own Forth for the 6502 on a Commodore CBM 4032. In the year 2011 he discovered first Chuck's colorForth webpage and then GreenArray's. Among his hobbies are astronomy (there is an observatory in Grenchen), hiking in the mountains and being the president of a group of freethinkers.

Stefan visited us in Incline for several weeks in late Summer 2012, completing the work documented in his AN009. Undaunted, he returned to visit us in Cheyenne for several weeks during the Autumn of 2013 and joined us in presenting at Forth Day that year. That was still not enough, so Stefan visited us yet again in April 2015. Stefan's work proved that we could in fact start oscillation in high frequency crystals (~10 MHz). Stefan is a good man and a good friend.

Peter Milford, Ph.D. Parallel Rules Inc., Physicist and consumer electronics consultant

Peter Milford

As a physicist, much of Peter's work has been in the development of algorithms for sensors, such as: magnetic sensors, accelerometers, capacitive sensors and imaging sensors. Much of this work has been carried out for clients in the consumer electronics industry, leading to products with high volume production. Often Peter take a concept from initial form, sensor selection, through desktop simulations, lab prototypes and manufacturing test & calibration to high volume production. Peter finds that his broad physics and computing background leads to a full system view of a product and that the sensors are at the center of performance of a product. FORTH and FORTH like languages provide a convenient platform for rapid prototyping and development. Peter has visited GreenArrays to assist in developing Application Notes. See for more details.

Robert Patten

Robert visited us in late Spring of 2011 and was a big help in taking data on the G144A12 chips as well as reviewing our documentation from a tutorial perspective.

Augustin Vidovic, Benefactor

Augustin Vidovic

Born the year Forth was invented, Augustin had the opportunity to discover Forth at a young age when the Jupiter ACE was released. In those times, home computers were numerous but expensive, and if you were a high school student, you had to forego your school lunch for a couple of month in order to afford one, but it was more than worth it, as this was the entry point to a most promising programming concept. Years passed, many computer systems, many languages and of course many flavors of Forth later, until that chance encounter with the Green Arrays website and its Forth super computer cluster on a chip, and behind it the Master who was at the origin of Forth himself, helped by incredibly skilled engineers. So if you had the opportunity to forego a couple of lunches in order to help funding the development of the next generation of such a technological marvel, what would you do ? It's a no brainer, of course !

Ed Sisler

Peter Milford

Ed kindly visited us in Incline Village during April of 2011 to assist in bringing our environmental chamber online and in taking some of the characterization data for the G144A12 chips. We have learned that Ed died unexpectedly on 4 January, 2012. Rest in peace, good friend.