Errata in Current Published Materials

When published code or documentation has a significant problem, it will be identified here until it's been corrected in the next release.

24 Sep 2012: DB006 (polyFORTH Supplement) of 120923.

Some block numbers have changed in the polyFORTH installation procedure. In Sections 5.2.1 and 5.3.1 all references to block 470 should be changed to block 362, and all references to block 476 should be changed to 368.

25 Jan 2013: DB001 (F18A Technology Reference) of 110412.

In Section 3.7 (Analog Nodes) the phrase "for those on sides of an array, Data and Left are present" should be changed to "Data and Ldata are present". The table in Figure 8 of Section 3 (F18A I/O Facilities) should have the entry "ldata, x171, Left port with no handshake" added under the entry for data.

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