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We are committed to supporting you who have purchased our products. This page is the focus for timely updated information, current downloads, and answers to frequently asked questions. Please let us assist you in successfully applying our chips to your problems.

Contacting Customer Support

Please e-mail routine questions, comments, or problems pertinent to our hardware, software or documentation to the GreenArrays Hotline for prompt attention by our Customer Support staff.

We are very interested in ensuring that you have a positive experience with your evaluation board. If you are having any difficulty in getting started with yours, we will be happy to give assistance in real time over Skype® audio and/or video; simply send email to our Hotline and we will exchange contact information with you and work out a schedule with you at a convenient hour in your time zone.

Timely Technical Advisories

A new Blog, GreenArraysTech, has been created as of 14 Oct 2011. Henceforward, every substantive change to this page will be announced by a posting on that Blog along with any other items that may be of interest to people who are currently working with our chips. To receive your own Timely Technical Advisories from GreenArrays, simply visit that Blog and subscribe to its RSS feed.

What's New

Active Advisories

27 Jan 2019: SOFTSIM has passed Beta testing and is released as part of rev 03c.
7 July 2020: Beta test version of SOFTSIM is now released as part of arrayForth 3 rev 03b5.
21 May 2019: New EVB002 Evaluation Kit is now available for purchase.


Recent Postings

27 Jan 2020: arrayForth 3 rev 03c is released and posted with corresponding updates to DB006 and DB013.
7 July 2019: arrayForth 3 rev 03b5 is released and posted with corresponding updates to DB006 and DB013.
27 May 2019: PCB commissioning instructions and EVB002 component datasheets posted.


Active Errata

7 July 2019: None active.


Frequently Asked Questions

colorForth questions have been deprecated because colorForth is no longer supported.


Latest Downloads

These are links to the most current versions of documents for users of our chips and evaluation kits. In some cases, when time is of the essence, we will post drafts and pre-releases here before they are linked into our regular documentation and software pages.

G144A12 Chip

DB001 - F18A Data Book ("CPU Manual") Last updated 11/07/2017.
DB002 - G144A12 Chip Data Book Last updated 7/05/2011.

Boot Protocols for GreenArrays chips.
Quick Reference Poster
Data Flow Planning Chart

EVB002 Evaluation Board (New!)

AN021 - Getting Started with the EVB002 Evaluation Board Last updated 5/20/2019.
DB014 - Evaluation Board EVB002 Reference Last updated 5/20/2019.

Software Releases

GreenArrays arrayForth® software releases, consisting of saneFORTH/x86 and polyFORTH®/GA144, are packaged as a conventional, executable Windows Installer which may be run on any of the supported platforms. Here are the software and documentation packages for recent releases, with the most recent release first.

Release 03c of arrayForth 3 (Fully Supported) As of 1/27/2020.

Note: The arrayForth release install includes PDF copies of DB006 and DB013, both clean and marked up, current as of the date of the release.

DB013 - arrayForth 3 User's Manual consistent with Release 03c and other improvements Last updated 1/26/2020.
DB005 - polyFORTH Reference Manual The Original FORTH, Inc. Document Last updated 8/25/2012.
DB006 - polyFORTH Supplement for G144A12 documents this implementation Last updated 1/26/2020.
Getting started with eForth, the file eF\docs\readme.start.txt in the distribution.

Previous Release 03b5 of arrayForth 3 As of 7/07/2019.
Old Release 02b colorForth based arrayForth software As of 10/30/2013. This was the final release of the colorForth tools.

Third Party Software and Support

eForth Support is available from Bill Muench, who collaborated with John Rible to implement the version we distribute.

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