Parallel Processing for Embedded Systems

Multi-computer chips from GreenArrays offer an unrivaled combination of great computing power, small size, low energy consumption, and high value. They are simple, practical, versatile, and affordable. These chips change the game, enabling new embedded applications in a massively parallel world.

We are here to help you develop products that leverage this ground-breaking technology into a commanding position in your market.

multi-computer vs. multi-core architecture

Latest developments:

As of Spring 2021, shipments of the EVB002 evaluation kit and of G144A12 chips continue to be made. The arrayForth 3 integrated development system is in use with no reported problems. Design of a new chip, G144A2x, continues; this will be upward compatible with the G144A12, with significant improvements. Development of Application Notes, including that of a solftware defined GPS receiver, continues.

One small example:

144 fully fledged computers.
Just one chip.

This gem is our GA144 multi-computer chip. It is designed to give you options that have never before existed and to place them under your control by writing software.

When your product requirements include responsiveness and computational power but with energy limitations, this superb chip is ideal. Use it right out of the box for prototyping and development; as your end product matures, GreenArrays will rapidly configure custom chips to further minimize both the cost and energy consumption of your product.

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It's part of the package:

arrayForth® Developer Tools

Our software development tools are available free of charge to our customers. Collectively called arrayForth, they are the foundation of our proprietary CAD system used for chip design. It includes assembler/compiler, example source code including all ROM on each chip, a full software-level simulator for each chip, and an Interactive Development Environment for use with real chips. arrayForth will always be the gold-standard software for working with our chips, so we feel we owe it to our customers to give it to them. Free.

Engineering Support

It can be lonely at the front of the pack. But we will stand beside you throughout the development process — to support our product and to see your project through to a successful deployment.

Complete Documentation

We share what we know — and not just about the hardware and the development system. We provide enough information that you can even implement your own development tools, if you wish. That's fine with us. (But we think you'll find our tool set very convincing, it's built around the same tools we use to create these chips!)

Online Courseware

To supplement our written documentation, the arrayForth Institute provides free online learning experiences.

Online Customer Support

Customer Support Central provides notifications of up-to-date documentation and software, as well as links to direct, personal online support for our customers.

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