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arrayForth 3 Released

The new development platform for the GA144 is arrayForth 3, which is released today for general use. This package supports cross-development from saneFORTH/x86 running on a PC or win32 equivalent using high speed serial communication, and/or within-platform development using polyFORTH/GA144 running on the Host chip of an evaluation board (or equivalent) with much higher speed capability for communicating with microcode running in F18A nodes on Host and/or Target chips. This release includes a new User’s Manual DB013, and an update to the polyFORTH Supplement DB006.


Evaluation Board EVB002 Released for Public Sale

The first batch of EVB002 has been manufactured and may be purchased here. Released at the same time are new DB014, the EVB002 Users Manual, and AN021, the “Getting Started” app note for the EVB002. The first fully supported release of arrayForth 3 will be posted in the next few days, as soon as the preliminary version of SOFTSIM is ready.


Previews of arrayForth 3 Software & Documentation

During the development of arrayForth 3, the most recently made installer as well current drafts of relevant documentation are now posted near the bottom of the Customer Support Central page.

This set of software and documentation is not yet released and is not supported until then. It’s posted for the convenience of people actively working with our chips.


New Initiatives for 2019

GreenArrays is pleased to announce two major projects for 2019.

An improved evaluation board, EVB002, is being manufactured and should become available during first quarter of 2019.

The design of a new chip, the G144A2x, is underway with many improvements.

Look for further announcements soon!


DB001 Updated

Updated version of Data Book DB001, F18A Technology Reference, is published. The new edition resolves comments received: Add Ldata for side analog nodes. Clarify variable length destination address field. Emphasize conditions for overflow in multiply step. Clarify shared pin wake-up configuration is a chip design issue not an F18 issue.


New Publications for Forth Day, 2017

It’s nearly time for Forth Day (18 Nov 2017) at Stanford University, hosted by SVFIG. This year we will have Daniel Kalny from Czech Republic, Stefan Mauerhofer from Switzerland, and Greg Bailey from GreenArrays presenting recent work done by these men and by the GreenArrays team. In support of these presentations, we have just published 139 pages of new documentation, including a major update of AN002 on oscillators and new documents AB005 (Delay lines), AN017 (Ganglia Mark 2), AN018 (Analog Devices ADV7611) and AN020 (1080p Video Distribution Exercise). Please review this material; the work it describes has been exciting!


New GreenArrays Headquarters

We have finished moving our offices and lab into more permanent quarters in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our new home provides considerably more space for those activities as well as more and better accommodations for visiting colleagues. For updated contact information, see the Contact Information page on our website.


Corrections to AN007 and AN016

For the benefit of those planning to attend our presentation on Forth Day 15 November, minor corrections have been posted for the recently published documents App Note AN007 (dated 12 Nov) and App Note AN016 (dated 11 Nov).


New App Note AN007 (Software-Defined NIC)

App Note AN007, Software-Defined NIC…, has been newly issued. A software-defined full duplex 10baseT Network Interface Controller is implemented as a team of nodes controlling transmit and receive signal pins directly. The signals are conditioned by minimal electrical interface circuitry. External transmit timing is used. The team is designed to function as a memory-mapped device but may be stripped down for direct use by other node teams. This NIC is supported by the polyFORTH® TCP/IP package on the host chip of the EVB001 Evaluation Board.


New App Note AN016 (PID Controller)

App Note AN016, Incremental PID Controller for a Brushed DC Motor, has been newly issued. The work of Daniel Kalný, this paper describes how to control speed of a brushed DC motor equipped with an optical encoder using a PID controller in a closed loop system. The theory of regulation is well described in literature. Here we demonstrate suitability of GA144 chip for such a task in a practical application. The text also gives different examples of programming techniques and problem solutions such as double-precision and fractional arithmetic, custom Ganglion messaging and digital signal filtering.